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Gender Selection in Cyprus: Navigating Your Options

The desire to have a child of a specific sex is a personal one, and advancements in medicine have opened doors for family planning choices. In Cyprus, pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) is a technique used within In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to identify chromosomal abnormalities in embryos. While PGD for gender selection is not permitted by local laws, PGS can reveal the sex of embryos as a byproduct of the screening process.

Understanding Gender Selection through PGS 

PGS involves the removal of a single cell from a developing embryo. This cell is then analyzed for chromosomal abnormalities that could lead to genetic disorders. This screening process also reveals the sex chromosomes (XX for female, XY for male) of the embryo.

Who Might Consider PGS?

PGS can be beneficial for couples with a higher risk of passing on genetic disorders to their children. It can also provide peace of mind by increasing the chances of a healthy pregnancy. While gender selection is not the purpose of PGS in Cyprus, some patients may find the information about the embryo’s sex helpful in their family planning decisions.

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