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Key Questions for Choosing an Ideal Egg Donor

Embarking on the journey of parenthood through IVF involves critical decisions, none more significant than choosing the right egg donor. This process necessitates thoughtful deliberation and an understanding of various factors. At Dream IVF Cyprus, we recognize the gravity of this decision and aim to empower you to make informed choices. In this article, we’ll delve into the top 5 questions you should pose when selecting an egg donor, ensuring a successful IVF journey.

  1. Medical History and Screening Results:

Foremost, inquire about the egg donor’s medical history and screening outcomes. It’s paramount to ensure the donor is in optimal health and has undergone thorough medical evaluations. Queries regarding genetic conditions, infectious diseases, and overall health status are imperative. At Dream IVF Cyprus, prioritizing patient safety, we furnish comprehensive medical profiles of our egg donors.

  1. Age of the Donor:

Age significantly impacts the success of IVF treatment. Therefore, ascertain the age of the donor, as younger donors generally yield healthier, viable eggs. Our seasoned team at Dream IVF Cyprus can offer guidance on the ideal age range for egg donors tailored to your specific circumstances.

  1. Ethnic or Genetic Background:

Consider whether you prefer an egg donor with a similar ethnic or genetic background. For some intended parents, this ensures a closer genetic match, which holds significance. North Cyprus, with its diverse population, provides an array of donor options catering to various preferences.

  1. Ovarian Reserve and Egg Retrieval History:

Egg quality is pivotal for IVF success. Hence, inquire about the donor’s ovarian reserve and her history of egg retrieval. A donor with a proven track record of successful egg retrieval instills added confidence. At Dream IVF Cyprus, our team meticulously selects donors with excellent ovarian reserves.

  1. Personal Qualities and Preferences:

Lastly, consider the donor’s personal qualities and preferences. While not directly impacting IVF success, knowing the donor’s interests, hobbies, and personality traits can foster a deeper connection.


Selecting an egg donor is a pivotal juncture in your IVF journey. By posing these top 5 questions and collaborating with a reputable IVF consultancy like Dream IVF Cyprus, you can make the best choice for your family’s future. We stand ready to offer guidance and support throughout the process, facilitating your dream of parenthood through IVF. Contact us today to explore our egg donor program and embark on the path to parenthood with confidence.

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