Why North Cyprus?

         North Cyprus is regarded as one of the leading IVF destinations in the world, this hidden gem location has many advantages when compared with the mainstream IVF destinations. With the sandy beaches, world class fully inclusive 5* hotels and a laid back attitude, you can concentrate on your IVF treatment easily without having any other distractions or a hurry. This lovely summer destination can also make it possible to turn your treatment into an exotic holiday as well. With its all your round mild climate, cultural heritage and rich cuisine, North Cyprus will make sure that you will enjoy your time here. In addition to this, North Cyprus is situate in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea where Europe, Asia and Africa conjoins which offers a very convenient travel from any part of the world. When compared to the other parts of the world, North Cyprus will have cheaper medical, accommodation, travel and dining opportunities without compromising quality. This will make your stay and treatment a real bargain when compared with other countries.

         North Cyprus IVF treatment costs are considerably lower compared to United States and United Kingdom. Treatment prices differs from 2000 to 6000 euros in Cyprus in comparison to the 14,000 to 16,000 euros in the UK which cost double. Regardless of lower treatment costs, our partnered IVF Clinics in North Cyprus has the experts healthcare personal in the field using latest IVF technology, world class laboratories, follows the guidelines of the European Society of Human reproduction and Embryology and the American Fertility Medical Association to provide higher success rate possible in each treatment method.

Why IVF Centers in Northern Cyprus?

Many IVF Centers located in Northern Cyprus are institutions that have become a brand in Europe in a short time. The technical infrastructure of IVF Centers, the diversity of equipment in their laboratories and the staff of specialist physicians provide this foundation of trust. Thanks to the staff who offer a friendly and solution-oriented approach in all processes regarding IVF, couples feel themselves in a stress-free and positive atmosphere in Cyprus. The main reasons why IVF Centers in Northern Cyprus attract such great attention are listed as follows:

  • High Success Rates: The majority of IVF Centers in Northern Cyprus achieve consistently high success rates.
  • Latest Technologies in Laboratory and Operating Room: Many IVF Centers in Northern Cyprus follow the developments in IVF and spare no expense for their laboratories and operating rooms.
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