Assisted Hatching

Assisted Hatching

In Northern Cyprus, assisted hatching of embryos is utilized to speed up embryo implantation. At our IVF facility in Cyprus, you may increase your IVF success rates by 30–50%!

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A type of ART surgery called assisted hatching involve making a hole in the zona pellucida, the membrane that surrounds the embryo and speeds up zona hatching.

When the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage and sheds the zona pellucida, zona hatching takes place. Assisted hatching is utilized to improve the embryo’s chances of being implanted in the uterus.

Suitable candidates

Patients who have had unsuccessful IVF treatments in the past, women with a thick zona pellucida, and patients undergoing frozen embryo procedures are the best candidates for assisted hatching.

North Cyprus Assisted Hatching

An embryo must emerge or hatch from its zona pellucida membrane, which is its outermost layer, before it can adhere to the uterine wall.

Sometimes the membrane hardens, and the developing blastocyst is unable to come out because of the age of the oocyte (egg) source, the conditions of freezing, or other causes. In these circumstances, assisted hatching may be carried out.

A tiny hole is produced in the zona pellucida during the micromanipulation method known as assisted hatching. This is done to help the embryo hatch, which increases the likelihood of getting pregnant.

This membrane keeps the blastomeres together and aids in the prevention of early implantation in the fallopian tubes during spontaneous conception. Normally, it vanishes as the blastocyst stage approaches because it is getting ready to implant in the uterus.

Assisted hatching uses laser technology to make a tiny hole at the best IVF facility in North Cyprus. After that, the embryo is placed back in the culture plate for additional incubation or to await transfer.

Who is Assisted Hatching Beneficial for?

According to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), aided hatching is advantageous for older women and those who have had unsuccessful IVF treatments in the past. (In older women, the zona pellucida is frequently harder)

Since the zona pellucida hardens after freezing, assisted hatching has also proved to be useful before transplanting frozen-thawed embryos. Your embryos will be closely monitored by our experienced embryologist and assisted hatching will only be done when necessary (at no extra cost).