Tandem IVF: How Does It Work?

If you’ve been trying to conceive but haven’t had any luck, you may be contemplating IVF. Dream IVF provides a variety of reproductive procedures, including tandem IVF. However, what exactly is tandem IVF and how does it work? In this blog article, we’ll go over the fundamentals of tandem IVF. And how it may benefit infertile couples.


What is Tandem IVF?


Tandem IVF is a fertility procedure in which the woman’s own eggs are combined with donor eggs. This is to boost the chances of a successful pregnancy. This procedure is often indicated for women over the age of 40 or who have a poor ovarian reserve, or a low amount of viable eggs.


How Does Tandem IVF Work?


Tandem IVF is a multi-step process that consists of two different IVF rounds. During the first cycle, the woman is subjected to ovarian stimulation, which entails taking fertility medicines in order to enhance the number of eggs produced. These eggs are then collected and fertilized in a laboratory using her partner’s sperm. The resultant embryos are cultivated for a few days before being selected for implantation to the woman’s uterus.


The lady has another round of ovarian stimulation during the second cycle, but this time using donor eggs. These donor eggs are extracted and fertilized in the laboratory with the partner’s sperm. And the resultant embryos are cultured for a few days. The best embryos are then chosen and implanted to the woman’s uterus with the embryos from the first cycle.


The Advantages of Tandem IVF


Tandem IVF has various advantages over standard IVF. This strategy has a higher likelihood of success. Tandem IVF enhances the number of viable embryos available for transfer by mixing the woman’s own eggs with donor eggs, which can boost the odds of a successful pregnancy. Furthermore, utilizing donor eggs can lower the risk of genetic abnormalities, which may be more prevalent in older women or those with a poor ovarian reserve.


Tandem IVF allows couples to have a genetic link to their kid while also increasing their chances of success by utilizing donor eggs.


We recognize that infertility may be a challenging and emotional journey at Dream IVF. Our fertility staff is committed to delivering customized care and support throughout the treatment process. We employ cutting-edge technology and procedures to assure the best success rates for our patients.