Male Fertility Testing

Our ability to reproduce is an important component of our life as humans. Understanding male fertility is a critical step in finding a solution for many couples who are having difficulty conceiving. At Dream IVF, we think that every couple deserves the opportunity to start the family they have always wanted. That is why we provide male fertility tests to assist uncover any concerns that may be interfering with a man’s ability to conceive.


Male fertility testing consists of a variety of tests and procedures. These are meant to assess the health and function of a man’s reproductive system. A physical examination, sperm analysis, hormone testing, and genetic testing are examples of these examinations. We recognize that male fertility concerns may be delicate and personal, therefore we work hard to establish a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all of our patients at Dream IVF.


How Does Male Fertility Test Work?


A physical exam is frequently the initial step in male fertility testing. A comprehensive examination of the penis, testicles, and scrotum is performed. This is to look for any anomalies or symptoms of infection. A typical test is sperm analysis. This includes examining a sample of sperm under a microscope to determine the number and quality of sperm. This test can aid in the detection of problems such as low sperm count, poor motility, or aberrant sperm shape. It is a painless treatment that takes only a few minutes.


Male Hormone Testing


Another significant part of male fertility testing is hormone testing. Hormones including testosterone and FSH are important in male fertility. Low levels of these hormones might point to a problem with the testicles or pituitary gland. Hereditary testing may also be advised to uncover any hereditary abnormalities that may be interfering with fertility.


We recognize that male fertility testing might be a difficult procedure at Dream IVF. That is why we work closely with our patients to ensure they are at ease and educated during the procedure. We think that information is power, and that understanding the underlying reasons of reproductive problems may help couples make educated treatment decisions.


If you or your spouse are having difficulty conceiving, we recommend that you try male fertility testing at Dream IVF. Our expert fertility specialists are committed to assisting couples in realizing their dream of establishing a family. Don’t allow male fertility concerns derail your plans; call Dream IVF today to learn more about our male fertility testing services.