Why Choose North Cyprus for IVF?

Technological developments in IVF significantly eliminate infertility problems in couples. In IVF centers, some treatment methods specific to couples are applied depending on the main problems in front of fertility. Despite all these important developments, infertility in society; It is still seen as a problem to be ashamed of and hide. However, infertility problems are a health problem that is encountered in 15 out of every 100 people worldwide. Instead of escaping from these and similar problems, it is very important to embrace modern and new treatment methods. What is more important is to turn to the most modern and well-equipped centers for IVF treatment. IVF Centers in North Cyprus are among the centers that are usually cited as references in this regard.

What is the IVF?

The concept of IVF is generally confused with microinjection. Microinjection is a preferred method in male infertility, and in vitro fertilization is a preferred method in female infertility. In vitro fertilization can generally be performed until the age of 43 or 44. In vitro fertilization treatment, where the chance of success decreases after the age of 40, consists of various stages such as “stimulation of the ovaries”, “the process of collecting eggs”, “fertilization with sperm” and “egg transplantation”. Pregnancy tests are applied exactly 11 days after embryo transfer. After three attempts in IVF treatment, the possibility of pregnancy is seriously weakened. Many IVF Centers in North Cyprus provide free online consultancy services.

What are the IVF Treatment Stages in North Cyprus?

In IVF Centers located in North Cyprus, the stages of IVF treatment progress according to a certain procedure. This procedure is as follows:

  1. Counseling, Communication, Transportation and Accommodation: Before starting the treatment, the consultants will provide you with all the necessary information free of charge, and the medicines you will use at the beginning of the treatment process, etc. are taught. In addition, many IVF Centers plan everything from flight tickets, and airport transfers to hotel accommodation for patients coming to Cyprus from abroad.
  2. Stimulation of the Ovaries and Monitoring of Egg Development: The factor that most affects the level of success in IVF treatment; It is undoubtedly the production of large numbers of eggs in the female ovaries. Therefore, the ovaries are controlled and egg development is ensured, thanks to the drugs that patients are told to use during counseling. It takes an estimated 10 or 12 days to control the ovaries by means of drugs. In order to follow the status of your egg development, ultrasound devices are checked several times, and the hormone levels in your blood are checked and the dose of your drugs is adjusted according to the situation.
  3. Collection of Eggs: During the control of egg development, if a sufficient number of eggs are found to be mature, the eggs are injected under the skin or into the muscle to complete the final development process. Egg collection is done at 36 hours after the last drug treatment. During the egg collection process, patients may be given sedatives or sleeping pills. If the patient wishes, this procedure can also be performed under complete anesthesia. The egg collection process takes approximately 30 minutes. Then, fertilization is performed with sperm cells. After egg collection, couples are given a 2-3 hour rest period and then discharged. After these stages, the couples are informed about the drugs to be used.
  4. Laboratory Procedures: Just one day after egg collection, the couple is informed about how many of the eggs were fertilized normally and healthily. The fertilized eggs in laboratories are monitored in about 2 to 5 days, and the best quality ones are selected and placed back in the womb in a certain number at a time when detection is deemed appropriate. The couple is informed about when the fertilized egg will be placed in the mother’s womb.
  5. Embryo Transfer: Before starting the transfer process, the couple is given detailed information about the number and quality of the embryos to be transferred. The transfer method, frankly, is no different from a very simple inspection process. No medication or anesthesia is required. Before the transfer, the only requirement is for the expectant mother to drink water and fill her bladder a little, because the transfer process is performed under ultrasonographic observation. During the transfer process, the embryo is passed through the cervix with the help of a thin tube and placed into the uterus. Thus, the embryos are left in the uterus.

In IVF Centers located in North Cyprus, these procedure steps are applied very easily and devotedly.

Why IVF Centers in North Cyprus?

Many IVF Centers located in North Cyprus are institutions that have become a brand in Europe in a short time. The technical infrastructure of IVF Centers, the diversity of equipment in their laboratories and the staff of specialist physicians provide this foundation of trust. Thanks to the staff who offer a friendly and solution-oriented approach in all processes regarding IVF, couples feel themselves in a stress-free and positive atmosphere in Cyprus. The main reasons why IVF Centers in North Cyprus attract such great attention are listed as follows:

  • High Success Rates: The majority of IVF Centers in North Cyprus achieve consistently high success rates.
  • Latest Technologies in Laboratory and Operating Room: Many IVF Centers in North Cyprus follow the developments in IVF and spare no expense for their laboratories and operating rooms.
  • Expert and Experienced Team on Infertility: Most IVF Centers in North Cyprus have a staff of physicians who are experts and experienced in the field of infertility.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate: The operations implemented by many IVF Centers are in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.
  • Personalized Treatment Protocols: IVF Centers in North Cyprus believe that each patient is different, and therefore apply personalized treatment protocols to their patients.
  • Embryoscope+®️ and RI Witness Systems are Used as Standard in All Treatments: Embryoscope+®️ and RI Witness systems are scientifically proven to increase pregnancy rate and eliminate human error. Both of these technologies are used as standard in all North Cyprus IVF
  • Fair and Cheap Cost Policy: The first priority in North Cyprus IVF Centers is always the health and happiness of the patients. For this reason, many IVF Centers try to offer IVF treatments to as many couples as possible. Therefore, a fairly fair and cheap cost policy is determined in North Cyprus IVF
  • Patient Confidentiality: North Cyprus IVF Centers take patient confidentiality very seriously and do not share information about your treatment with anyone other than you. Your information is stored in archives in a confidential and secure manner.

Considering these reasons, you can choose IVF Centers located in North Cyprus.

What are the Advantages of Preferring North Cyprus for IVF?

North Cyprus provides many advantages for you in the name of IVF treatment. These advantages are as follows:

  • Since North Cyprus is an island with a mild climate all year round, you can easily evaluate the best time for your treatment. Weather conditions cease to be a factor for you.
  • Your visit to this island, which is quite famous for its tourism, for your treatment will also be a pleasant holiday for you.
  • In North Cyprus, procedures such as “sperm donation (sperm transplantation)”, “egg donation (egg transplantation)”, “embryo donation (embryo transplantation)”, “surrogacy” and “tandem method”, which are applied in very few countries in the world, can be legally implemented.
  • By hosting comfortable luxury hotels in North Cyprus, it supports you at the beginning of your pregnancy by offering you peace and happiness at affordable costs in all seasons.

In short, North Cyprus offers you a peaceful embrace for your IVF treatment with its sea, sand, sun, history and nature. Do not forget that this increases your chances of pregnancy.

What awaits you in North Cyprus Dream IVF Consultation

At Dream IVF consultation, our main goal is to help people draw the happy family they desire. For this, we carry out IVF treatment under the leadership of innovative technology and science, together with our active colleagues in the field, together with advanced technologies. Thanks to years of experience in the health and hospitality industry, Dream IVF has always aimed to be the best in this field. We take care to listen to our clients who apply to Cyprus Dream IVF when a family gets hot and to meet their needs in the most accurate and healthy way. You can be sure that we will do our best to ensure that you and your dream family get together as soon as possible. If you want to make the most of these services, you can contact us immediately.